Samuel Josephs

We are trial lawyers who understand the prosecutor’s burden of proof, and we are experts in identifying golden opportunities to obtain tactical advantages that lead to courtroom victories.

If you are accused of a crime, you need a lawyer who understands the system. We get it. We are former prosecutors and public defenders who know the rules and moves required in criminal cases. Our lawyers are intimately familiar with every phase of a criminal case, and we manage each phase of each case to secure the best possible outcome. We have spent years working directly for judges at the trial and appellate levels, and many more years successfully advocating for our clients in courtrooms. We know instinctively which issues matter, and we have successfully defended many dozens of individuals charged with crimes. We have won far more cases than we have lost, which is a rare accomplishment for a criminal defense firm. We have the instinct and judgment necessary to find the path around obstacles that other lawyers don't see coming.

Jim Spertus and the entire [team] is one you can count on. They worked night and day passionately for my freedom.

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