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The Firm prides itself on handling clients’ most difficult and high-stakes litigation matters, achieving client objectives, and providing excellent client service.

Clients come to our Firm when they need lawyers who welcome a challenge.  Whether a client faces bet-the-company civil litigation, a government investigation, or serious criminal charges, we have the skills and experience to develop and execute a winning strategy for the case from the first motion through the end of the appeals process.  We staff each case with a small team of lawyers who learn the facts and relevant law inside-out and are involved in all phases of the litigation.  Through our deep involvement in our cases and commitment to our clients, we provide invaluable counsel, and allow clients to rest assured that their most difficult problems are in safe hands. 

I have worked with [the Firm] extensively on several matters.  Their work is superb. They communicate promptly and clearly about status of matters, provide excellent and thoughtful strategic advice, welcome constructive suggestions, and are among the best legal writers I have seen, and are a joy to work with.
General Counsel of Major Non-Profit Organization 

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The Firm’s lawyers are uniquely equipped to litigate cases through trial and appeal. 

The Firm recruits lawyers who have extensive litigation experience and trial skills.  Drawn from the ranks of federal prosecutors, federal public defenders, federal judicial law clerks, and alumni of the nation’s largest and most prestigious law firms, our lawyers have the skills to win a case on the briefs, at oral argument, in trial, and on appeal.

The Firm delivers superior legal services efficiently.

In some cases, the client wants no stone left unturned, but more frequently, the client wants lawyers who will streamline the work to maximize the chances of an excellent outcome at a particular price point.  We know how to do that.  And because we staff cases leanly, clients don’t pay for armies of lawyers sitting on conference calls or duplicating work.  Our small case teams allow us to provide high quality service efficiently.   

Newer firm, largely comprised of exceptionally sharp and knowledgeable ex-big law lawyers who seek to provide big law service (strategic, thorough, highly responsive) at a more reasonable price.
Entertainment Industry Executive