James Spertus talking to a client

Trial is our specialty, whether our clients are large corporations, investment funds, or individuals.  We field teams comprised of seasoned trial attorneys who have the instinct and judgment necessary to find a path around every obstacle, paths that most other lawyers do not foresee. 

The Firm’s trial skills shine in commercial litigation opposite large firms with multi-lawyer trial teams. Most attorneys at large firms rarely see the inside of a courtroom, lack the trial experience necessary to win, and do not have the instinct and judgment that comes only from trial experience. Our Firm prosecutes and defends large commercial, administrative, and criminal matters, and many of the Firm’s matters involve 8-figure loss or damage claims. The Firm tries large cases and is nimble and decisive, resulting in extraordinary outcomes.

The Firm has earned a reputation as a top Southern California litigation boutique in civil, criminal, and administrative forums. As former federal prosecutors and defenders, our lawyers are intimately familiar with the courtroom and every phase of civil, criminal, and administrative litigation. We are experts at managing every step of the litigation process to achieve the best possible outcome in every matter and have won far more cases than we have lost. The Firm has the trial experience necessary to identify golden opportunities to obtain tactical advantages, which leads to remarkable victories.

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