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Business disputes and other civil cases are about more than just money.  They’re about rights, ownership, promises, reputation, and fair play. It helps to have a lawyer who knows every step of the civil litigation process – from pleadings and discovery through trial and appeal – and can bring years of experience to bear to ensure a favorable resolution or a trial victory.

We are trial lawyers who know that preparing a case for trial is the best way to ensure the most favorable outcome possible. We have gotten cases dismissed and narrowed at the pleadings stage, taken tough depositions, settled contentious cases favorably for our clients, and prevailed at trial. We have worked for judges at the trial and appellate levels, and we know what persuades them. We have gone toe-to-toe with bigger firms and the government in bet-the-business cases and obtained phenomenal results for our clients.

Our lawyers are intimately familiar with the federal court system. We have spent years working directly for federal judges and many more years successfully advocating for our clients in their courtrooms. We are fluent in the rules, and we know how to win.

We are also experienced state practitioners who litigate to win in state court. We have appeared in state courts throughout California for plaintiffs and defendants, and we have achieved remarkable results for our clients.

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