Successful Representation of Students in the College Admissions Scandal

The Firm has successfully represented multiple students caught in the middle of the College Admissions scandal who are undergoing university-led investigations into whether they violated the Student Conduct Code. Multiple clients of the Firm have been found not responsible for any Student Conduct Code violations.

In The Media: Spertus Landes Hires 7, Opens Downtown LA Office

The two offices for the trial firm are technologically synchronized to work together as one firm, topping out at 20 attorneys currently. The small western Los Angeles trial firm of Spertus, Landes & Uhmofer LLP grew in the last month, opening its second office in downtown Los Angeles and bringing aboard seven hires, managing partner James Spertus announced recently. “There nothing but excitement,” Spertus said Thursday.

Trial Win: Millions Awarded to Fired School District Officials

The firm prevailed at trial in a high-profile whistleblower case involving former school district officials who were fired after reporting fraud to the school board. Cleve Pell had served the Montebello Unified School District for 50 years when he was fired as CFO following an act of integrity. In 2016, Pell wrote a memo expressing concerns about lies, fraud, and forgery in another school officials job application.

Firm Prevails in Title IX Appeal

In May 2018, the Firm prevailed in a Title IX case on behalf of a student accused of violating the student conduct code at a major southern California university. After receiving an unfavorable report from the university’s Title IX investigator, the Firm convinced a university appeals panel to reverse the investigator’s findings on every element of the alleged violation as an unreasonable finding based on the evidence presented to the investigator during the investigation.

Firm Beats Back $100 Million False Claims Act Case Against Hospital, Management, and Doctors

The firm won a dismissal of a massive False Claims Act case that had targeted a hospital, its managers, and several physicians. A nurse who worked at Gardens Regional Hospital (also known as Tri-City Regional Medical Center) claimed that physicians had admitted scores of patients to the hospital who did not need to be admitted, and submitted false claims for reimbursement to Medicare.

High School Student-Athlete Cleared of Sexual Assault Allegations

Successfully represented a high school senior and student-athlete at a prominent private school in California against allegations of sexual assault by a fellow student. Text messages between the students established that the allegations were false and the student-athlete was reinstated without any formal charges being filed.

Favorable Sentence for Ponzi Scheme Defendant

In United States v. Gillis, the Firm represented the lead defendant, Joel Gillis, who was charged with operating one of the largest Ponzi schemes in Southern California history. After receiving nearly $300 million in investor proceeds through his company, Nationwide Automated Systems, Inc. (NASI), Mr. Gillis retained the Firm to handle sentencing issues. The charged scheme alleged that Mr. Gillis had falsely told investors their money would be used for automated teller machines (ATM’s) that would generate at least a 20 percent profit annually.

Creating New Law Under Fourth Amendment Border Search Doctrine

Litigated a national issue of first impression involving the scope of the FBI’s ability to conduct a border search through the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement. After multiple rounds of briefing and several evidentiary hearings, the firm obtained a ruling suppressing the evidence at issue that was the first of its kind in federal court.