Suzanne Obeda is an experienced lawyer with extensive experience preparing civil and criminal cases for trial. Before joining the firm, Ms. Obeda worked for the civil litigation law firm of Bergman and Wedner, in West Los Angeles, California where she practiced in a variety of practice areas including insurance, environmental and business litigation. Ms. Obeda handled all phases of the civil discovery and trial preparation phases of a case.

Ms. Obeda was president of the Public Interest Law Committee at Southwestern University School of Law. In addition, she worked for the Western Law Center for Disability Rights at Loyola Law School where she worked on significant, client-focused litigation matters. The Department of Justice selected Suzanne for a prestigious internship with the Department of Justice in the Civil Rights Division in Washington D.C. Ms. Obeda helped litigate the first case brought under the Americans With Disabilities Act by the Department of Justice. Ms. Obeda’s knowledge of American Sign Language has been an asset to her practice and her ability to represent clients with special needs.

Ms. Obeda obtained her B.A. degree from the University of California, Los Angeles where she majored in History and minored in Business Administration. Ms. Obeda then studied American Sign Language at California State University, Northridge for two years, before applying to Southwestern University School of Law.