Julia L. Tuverson is a former Public Defender for the County of Los Angeles who has handled thousands of criminal cases. As a trial attorney for the Public Defender’s Office, she has worked in dozens of courtrooms throughout the County and has represented defendants through all stages of criminal proceedings, from arraignment through trial. Ms. Tuverson handles a broad range of state court criminal matters, from domestic violence to burglary and sex crimes, and appears in state court criminal matters knowing the issues that matter. Ms. Tuverson also has experience filing and litigating restraining orders, and obtaining post-conviction relief including expungements and probation modifications.

Ms. Tuverson has also obtained many extraordinary results in civil and administrative forums, including in student discipline and Title IX cases. Ms. Tuverson’s ability to master the facts and law is extraordinary, and she quickly identifies the issues in every case that matter most. Ms. Tuverson’s work with the firm includes the following examples:

  • Ms. Tuverson prevailed many times in Title IX and student discipline cases, both during the administrative hearings and in Superior Court litigation seeking to overturn adverse findings of responsibility at the administrative phase;
  • Ms. Tuverson obtained a dismissal on the eve of trial in a hotly contested domestic violence assault case that would have disqualified our client from pursuing her career goals;
  • Ms. Tuverson drafted the winning brief in a $100m False Claims Act case;
  • Ms. Tuverson prepared the defense in a multi-million dollar criminal case involving allegations of mail fraud and wire fraud;
  • Ms. Tuverson coordinated a multi-year defense of individuals under investigation in a massive health care fraud case involving massive loss allegations; and
  • Ms. Tuverson managed an internal investigation of alleged misconduct for a prominent hotel chain in Los Angeles.

These are just some of the outcomes that make Ms. Tuverson an extraordinary resource for the Firm and our clients.